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Do home inspectors need insurance?

Learn more about how useful E&O insurance is for home inspectors


What’s covered in a home inspection training class?

Find out what information you’ll learn in one of ATI’s home inspector training courses


How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Figure out how much to charge for home inspections after you become ATI certified.


Why become a home inspector?

See the top 3 reasons people become home inspectors, and learn how to get started today.

Need Advice Starting Your Career in Home Inspection? Look No Further than ATI!Home Inspector Certification Courses Online

Learning to get clients and make more money are the building blocks you won’t get from a three-hour test-prep. New entrepreneurs have a tendency to put the cart before the horse, getting business cards, a logo, and a few decal stickers to show the world “See, I’m legit!” Reality check: the only things standing between you and legitimacy are CLIENTS and INCOME. Your goal is to work on your terms – supporting yourself and family, when and where you want, all at a fair price. 

ATI Training will not only certify you for a career in home inspection, but we are a resource for anyone looking to be more-than-certified. We’re a resource for our students, teaching them how to market, maximize revenue and minimize liability. Check out our resources available to help you out.

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