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Become a Home Inspector in Tennessee in 3 Easy Steps

How to Become a Home Inspector in Tennessee in 3 Easy Steps

  • Complete 90 hours of Home Inspector Training by an approved School.

    ATI Home Inspection Courses are approved by the State of TN for 90 hours of training. Pick one in the boxes! In Tennessee, home inspectors are licensed and regulated by the Department of Commerce and Insurance

  • Take the National Home Inspectors Exam (NHIE).

    ATI Training Courses all include Exam Prep with thousands of questions and includes our Pass Rate Guarantee!

  • Apply for Licensing for your license with the TN Department of Commerce & Insurance.

          Applicant must submit an application and $300 initial license fee along with proof that the applicant: Is at least eighteen (18) years of age.

How Much Does a Home Inspector Make in Tennessee?

The average annual salary for a home inspector in the state of Tennessee is $46,750 per year or $22.48 per hour. Of course, if average is your goal, you won’t be self-employed for long. You stand to make much more as a self-employed home inspector (up to $100K per year) when you become the BEST. 

Tennessee Licensure: 2005 Public Act Chapter 65 enacted in 2006

The Home Inspector Licensing Program was enacted April 18, 2005 to ensure that only qualified persons are licensed home inspectors, and that the licensed inspector offers Tennessee Consumers a professional, educated opinion of the condition of their homes. 

You can start NOW and take our ATI Online Master Course.

Our online course package is approved for the 90 hours required by the Home Inspection Board to become a licensed home inspector in Tennessee. 

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Tennessee Continuing Education Requirements for Home Inspectors
Hours Required 32
Renewal Cycle Every two years
License Expiration Date Every two years on the date of issue
Education Cycle 24 months
Next CE Deadline Expiration date listed on license

A Job in Home Inspection is Perfect for Public Servants
We are GI Bill® Approved!

Best Part Time Job for Ex Police Officers in Texas Police officers

ATI Training offers serving and ex-police officers a special opportunity to earn an income post-retirement or as a part-time supplement to your current employment. It's a great private sector choice after a lifetime of serving the Texan public.

Part Time Jobs for Firefighters in TexasEMT & Firefighters

Becoming a home inspector is a tremendous way to make money after retiring from public service as an EMT or firefighter. With entry level requirements and tremendous flexibility in scheduling, it's a great opportunity.

Best Careers for Military Veteran Retirees Texas Military & Veterans

Become your own boss in the private sector after selflessly serving your country. We offer the BEST home inspector training for our country's heroes looking for a new career in Texas after returning to the workforce.

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How Much Does a Home Inspector Make in Tennessee?

The average annual salary for a home inspector in the state of Tennessee is $46,750 per year or $22.48 per hour. Of course, if average is your goal, you won’t be self-employed for long. You stand to make much more when you become the BEST.

See how Tennessee compares to the national average home inspector salary.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Home Inspector in Tennessee?

It may take a few weeks or a few months. It’s up to you. Getting certified or licensed may only take days, but that’s not BECOMING a home inspector. Take ATI Training online courses at your own pace. The best way to become a home inspector the fastest in the state of Tennessee is to start NOW.

Learn more details about how long it takes to become a certified home inspector.

How do you Get Home Inspector Insurance in Tennessee?

ATI/OREP's home inspector insurance is the best in Tennessee. We've got you covered on errors and omissions, general liability insurance and even health & dental. Home inspector insurance keeps you safe, makes you money and keeps things that way. Get home inspector insurance now, or wish you had later.

Read more about why you should get home inspector insurance

How to Start a Home Inspection Business in Tennessee

You've got the skills, but you've never dipped a toe into entrepreneurialism. Dive in. We'll help you get started with marketing materials including software, apparel, brochures, business cards and access to some of the most successful minds in the home inspection industry.

Find out how to start a home inspection business.

Home Inspector Exam Prep in Tennessee

Acing a free online home inspecting practice test does not indicate how well you will do on the NHIE. ATI Training gives you the tools & resources you need to do more than ace the exam. We’ll stay by your side long after you’re certified to help you build a successful home inspecting career from the ground up. With our continued education opportunities, provided marketing materials & more, you’ll be the best home inspector in Tennessee.

Here's everything you need to know about home inspector exam prep.

Special Discounts for Military Veterans

ATI offers military discounts for veterans looking for a 2nd career after serving their country. Home inspection is a very popular career choice for military veterans, and we help jumpstart your career with superb home inspector schooling. Contact us for more details on our discount program.

The process of becoming a qualified home inspector is simple. ATI’s courses provide real-world experiences to fully prepare and qualify you for your home inspection career. In Tennessee, home inspectors are licensed and regulated by the Department of Commerce and Insurance

You don't need to write a big check - all you need is to be 18 or older and have verifiable income to apply for financing. Contact us and we'll fill you in on your options.

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Be Qualified. Not Just Certified®

 Our home inspection courses satisfy the 90-hour education requirement and will fully prepare you to pass the National Home Inspectors Examination. No matter what city you will be conducting home inspections in; Chattanooga, Clarksville, Knoxville, Memphis or Nashville our home inspection classes will fully prepare you for what you will encounter while performing home inspections in Tennessee.

Benefits of Working for Yourself

Sick of taking orders in your current dead-end job? You've got the ambition to make something of yourself, but you're not sure how to make it happen. Becoming a home inspector in the state of Tennessee is straightforward, but becoming the best home inspector in Tennessee means dedicated yourself wholly to the profession and getting to know the process and industry like the back of your hand. One of the perks of a career in home inspection is you are in charge and answer only to yourself.

Home inspector training courses provided by the All American Training Institute, live or online, provide you with the tools necessary to learn the trade better than anyone else, become your own boss, and secure a lucrative career. We give you more than simple certification. You become the best in the field, a home inspector Tennessee residents demand.

Why Take Home Inspection Courses with ATI?

Simply going through the motions and passing the NHI Exam with acceptable marks will technically make you a certified home inspector, but you'll do nothing to stand out from the pack without going above and beyond. The All American Training Institute provides aspects of home inspector training our competitors cannot match:

  • Minimum 5 practice inspections
  • Interactive online courses
  • In class props
  • Free marketing packages for graduates
  • How to get leads

ATI home inspector training also includes State specific training, instructor access and detailed illustrated course books. Training with the All American Institute means building the skills necessary to become the best home inspector in your field. 


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