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How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Learn How to Price Building Inspections

Licensed home inspectors can enjoy making a lot of money in this high demand trade. The national average salary for home inspectors? $58K per year! This number can vary based on a few factors: how many homes you inspect, the size of the homes, and the state you’re certified in. ATI home inspector online training courses help you maximize the money you make from inspections by teaching you pricing tactics.

Pricing Home Inspections by Square Footage

New inspectors usually wonder what to charge for each inspection. Should you set a flat rate? Charge per room? The industry standard is to charge ~$5 per square foot of the building being inspected. A 2,000-square-foot-home inspection would cost about $400. The exact amount per foot can be changed based on where you are licensed to operate.

Additional structures on the property like a garage, barn, guest house, or shed would be priced along the same model. Whether these structures even need an inspection will depend on local laws.

Fixed Percentage Home Inspection Costs by State

Another factor behind home inspection pricing is the location of the home. Different states across the US have different regulations which affect the fees. For example, homes in areas prone to flooding generally require inspectors to look for water damage. And a home near a fault line will need in-depth foundation inspections.

Some areas allow for home inspections costs to be tied to the selling price of the home. This fixed percentage allows for the home buyer to bundle the cost of the inspection in with their home loan.

Don’t get shortchanged by setting a flat rate in those states. ATI has home inspection training for each state. Become a licensed home inspector in any state by signing up for classes now.

Home Blueprint for Square Footage

Why Shouldn’t I Charge by the Hour?

Every house is different. During your inspection, you’ll have to check attic crawlspaces and basement storage areas. Every faucet, outlet, and electrical socket will need to be tested. If you charge by the hour, you might be rushed through the house by an eager buyer or realtor who wants to save money. Anything you miss during the inspection might cause you legal problems later. Take the time you need to do the job right by setting the price before you arrive.

Justifying Inspection Costs

Homeowners might wonder why they’re paying so much for a one-time inspection. ATI trained inspectors know just how important checking over a home is: licensed inspectors can spot potential problems before they cause expensive damage to a home. And in some states inspections are legally required before a property can change hands.

When you’re approached for a home inspection estimate, make sure your potential client knows why your prices are what they are. The cost of a single inspection is nothing compared to closing fees and mortgage payments. You are trying to protect their investment. Learn how by taking ATI training courses online now.

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