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Become a Home Inspector In Georgia in 3 Easy Steps

How to Become a Home Inspector in Georgia in 3 Steps

  • Take an accredited Home Inspection Training Course.

    Obtain your certification to become a qualified home inspector with any of ATI's courses. 

  • Take and Pass the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE).

    All of ATI's courses provide you our Exclusive Exam Prep with thousands of practice questions.  This exam is not required for GA but highly recommended!

  • Sign up for Live Field Training.  Not Required but recommended.  

           Attend a ride along or field training closest to you. Call admissions at 855-725-2021 to sign up. 

 Georgia passed a Trade Practice Act 1994 covering home inspections. The Act basically says you must provide a scope of work, do a visual inspection, and provide a written report. The Georgia Trade practice act (Chapter 3, Title 8) prohibits unethical home inspection practices and details reporting requirements.

Contact an admissions specialist for assistance – or call!

......... Georgia realtors & clients prefer a certified, qualified home inspector:

No Hidden Fees, Free Software and Lifetime Instructor Support.

Choose from our Online Master Course or Advanced Interactive Classroom - contact us and we'll help you figure out where to begin.




Georgia Continuing Education Requirements for Home Inspectors
Hours Required None but recommended by 1994 Trade Practice Act
Renewal Cycle Professional Development Recommended
License Agency None
Education Cycle None
Valid Class Types In-person, online, or livestream

A Job in Home Inspection is Perfect for Public Servants
We are GI Bill® Approved!

Best Part Time Job for Ex Police Officers in Texas Police officers

ATI Training offers serving and ex-police officers a special opportunity to earn an income post-retirement or as a part-time supplement to your current employment. It's a great private sector choice after a lifetime of serving the Texan public.

Part Time Jobs for Firefighters in TexasEMT & Firefighters

Becoming a home inspector is a tremendous way to make money after retiring from public service as an EMT or firefighter. With entry level requirements and tremendous flexibility in scheduling, it's a great opportunity.

Best Careers for Military Veteran Retirees Texas Military & Veterans

Become your own boss in the private sector after selflessly serving your country. We offer the BEST home inspector training for our country's heroes looking for a new career in Texas after returning to the workforce.

Students across the country agree:
our training helps you become the BEST.

Our rigorous training program gives you the tools to excel in your new career, run your own business and make a bunch of money. Just see what some of our students have to say.

Don't take our word for it

Check out our five star reviews


How Much Does a Home Inspector Make in Georgia?

The average annual salary for a home inspector in the state of Georgia is $57,322 per year or $27.56 per hour. Of course, if average is your goal, you won't be self-employed for long. You stand to make much more when you become the BEST.

See how Georgia compares to the national average home inspector salary.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Home Inspector in Georgia?

ATI's Georgia home inspector training can be completed in as little as one week. It may take a few weeks or a few months - it’s up to you. Getting certified or licensed may only take days, but that’s not BECOMING a home inspector. Take ATI Training online courses at your own pace. The best way to become a home inspector the fastest in the state of Georgia is to start NOW.

Get more detail on how long it takes to become a home inspector.

How do you Get Home Inspector Insurance in Georgia?

ATO/OREP keeps you safe, employed and making money with E&O insurance, general liability insurance, and health & dental insurance. We offer the best coverage in Georgia—period. Get home inspector insurance from ATI, or wish you had later. It's up to you.

Find out why you need to get home inspector insurance.

How do you Start a Home Inspection Business in Georgia?

If you want to make a bunch of money as a Georgia home inspector, your best bet is to run your own show. But you gotta know what you're doing first. ATI Training offers marketing materials, tools, resources and access to the brightest minds in the home inspection industry to help you get started.

Learn more about starting your own home inspection company.

How do you prepare for the Home Inspector Exam in Georgia?

The state of Georgia does not require home inspectors to pass the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE), but you'll still be expected to have the knowledge you'd need to pass the exam. ATI Training doesn't want you to just barely meet the requirements. We give you training so you can exceed what is expected of home inspectors, so you can build the successful business you deserve.

Here's what you need to know about home inspector exam prep.

Special Discounts for Military Veterans

ATI offers military discounts for veterans looking for a 2nd career after serving their country. Home inspection is a very popular career choice for military veterans, and we help jump-start your career with first-class home inspector schooling. Contact us for more details on our discount program! - And thank you for your service!

Getting licensed and certified is just a start.

You need the BEST education to make lots of cash.

The process of becoming a qualified Georgia home inspector is simple. ATI’s courses provide real-world experiences to fully prepare and qualify you for your home inspection career. In Georgia, home inspectors are currently not licensed.

Be Qualified. Not Just Certified®.

Our courses will fully prepare and qualify you to conduct home inspections and pass the National Home Inspector Examination. No matter what city you will be conducting home inspections in; Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Canton, Columbus, Dalton, Gainesville, Macon, Rome, Savannah, Suwanee or Valdosta our home inspection classes will fully prepare you for what you will encounter while performing home inspections in Georgia.

You don't need to write a big check - all you need is to be 18 or older and have verifiable income to apply for financing. Contact us and we'll fill you in on your options.

Apply for Financing

Why Become a Home Inspector in Georgia?

Becoming a home inspector in Georgia means taking the regions and starting your own career. Surviving as a home inspector requires great self-motivation and determination to service customers like no one else can. How can you achieve this? Take training classes that give you an edge over your competitors and make you more than just certified.

The benefits of a career in home inspection include:

  • Absolute independence in the workload you can handle and how you go about your business
  • You truly are in charge of your income
  • You get paid for the work you do, with the potential to earn a high salary
  • Startup costs are low
  • Georgia will always need home inspectors
  • You’ll provide a valuable service to Georgia homeowners

Of course, you've got to be good. That's where we come in. We prepare you for the rigors and challenges of home inspection, equipping you with the tools to turn a job into a career.

Home Inspector Continuing Education in Georgia

After you get certified, you’re just getting started. Anyone can become a home inspector; it takes a WINNER to excel. Any home inspector worth their salt knows it: To be the best, you need the best education. ATI offers continuing education classes for GA home inspectors to keep you on top of your game and out-earning your competitors.

Find out how to take home inspector continuing education classes today

How ATI Makes You a Better Home Inspector

The All-American Training Institute has the tools necessary to make you superior to your competitors and become irreplaceable to your customers. Our school for prospective home inspectors in Georgia provides courses and materials you won't find anywhere else:

  • Lead Generation class
  • Interactive online courses
  • In class props
  • Association support (One Year FREE to InterNACHI)
  • Free marketing packages for graduates

You can settle for a certification and try to skate by with the minimum requirements for becoming a certified home inspector, or you can leap ahead of your competition and supplement your education with advanced schooling in-home inspection from The All-American Training Institute. Take a step forward and be more than just certified. Be qualified. Be the best.

Take online home inspector training courses and learn at your own pace.

Prepare to pass the National Home Inspector Examination or increase your knowledge of specific home inspection areas like report writing and foundations with ATI Training’s variety of online courses. You are not required to pass the NHIE in Georgia to become a home inspector, but you will be expected to apply the knowledge required to pass every day on the job.

Take Online Home Inspection Courses

Take a single class or bundle to gain access to the information, marketing strategies, and practice you need to be a successful home inspector in Georgia. Enroll today to expand your expertise and your home inspector business in Georgia.

Become a Public Adjuster in Georgia

A public adjuster adjusts insurance claims for homeowners, commercial property owners and businesses. Public adjusters in the state of Georgia make up to 79,773 a year, or $38 an hour! Interested in becoming a public adjuster in Georgia? Learn more about our course offerings and get certified!

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