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Texas Home Inspector Training Requirements

How to Become a Home Inspector in Texas in 4 Steps

  • Complete 194 hours of home inspection training.

    TREC requires that 40 hours of field training is done in person.  ATI Texas Courses including the Real Estate and the Professional Program are approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC #9041)

  • Take and pass the State Exam. 

    The ATI NHIE Exam Prep includes thousands of practice exam questions AND our exclusive PASS RATE GUARANTEE for both paths.

  • Submit Application and Certificates online or by mail to TREC.

    Submit Certificates of Completion from ATI (ATI is an Approved Qualifying Inspector Courses | TREC (texas.gov) The application fee for a Professional Inspector license is $120 and should be paid by cashiers check, personal check, or money order payable to the Texas Real Estate Commission. 

  • Take National and State Licensing Exam within 1 year of training.

    Pay $199 exam fee when scheduling online at: www.pearsonvue.com/tx/inspectors/  

    The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions (25 of which are not scored) covering three major domains, or sections, that every home inspector should know. 

How Much Does a Home Inspector Make in Texas?

The average annual salary for a home inspector in the state of Texas can exceed $100,000 per year or $48.07 per hour according the BLS.gov. Of course, if average is your goal, you won’t be self-employed for long. You stand to make much more when you become the BEST when you're trained by the Best (That's ATI By the way!)



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Texas has its own rules for what kinds of coursework are eligible for certification - contact us and we'll help you figure out where to begin.

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Texas Continuing Education Requirements for Home Inspectors
Hours Required 32 (16 per year)
Renewal Cycle Every two years
License Expiration Date Every two years on the date of issue
Education Cycle 24 months
Valid Class Types In-person, online, or livestream

A Job in Home Inspection is Perfect for Public Servants
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Best Part Time Job for Ex Police Officers in Texas Police officers

ATI Training offers serving and ex-police officers a special opportunity to earn an income post-retirement or as a part-time supplement to your current employment. It's a great private sector choice after a lifetime of serving the Texan public.

Part Time Jobs for Firefighters in TexasEMT & Firefighters

Becoming a home inspector is a tremendous way to make money after retiring from public service as an EMT or firefighter. With entry level requirements and tremendous flexibility in scheduling, it's a great opportunity.

Best Careers for Military Veteran Retirees Texas Military & Veterans

Become your own boss in the private sector after selflessly serving your country. We offer the BEST home inspector training for our country's heroes looking for a new career in Texas after returning to the workforce.

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How Much Does a Home Inspector Make in Texas?

The average annual salary for a home inspector in the state of Texas can exceed $100,000 per year or $48.07 per hour. Of course, if average is your goal, you won’t be self-employed for long. You stand to make much more when you become the BEST.

See how Texas compares to the national average home inspector salary.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Home Inspector in Texas?

It may take a few weeks or a few months. It’s up to you. Getting certified or licensed may only take days, but that’s not BECOMING a home inspector. Take ATI Training online courses at your own pace. The best way to become a home inspector the fastest in the state of Texas is to start NOW. The program consists of 194 hours of training and 40 hours of LIVE field training, available at any ATI location.

Get more details on how long it will take to become a home inspector.

How do you prepare for the Home Inspector Exam in Texas?

The NHIE is a comprehensive exam based on studies of competent practice and demonstrates the knowledge and skills required to be a home inspector. Just because you do well on a free online home inspecting practice test, there’s no guarantee you’ll do well on the NHIE. ATI Training and continued education opportunities, marketing materials & more put you in a position to be the best home inspector in Texas. ASK ABOUT OUR PASS GUARANTEE!

Here's everything you need to know about home inspector exam prep.

How do you Get Home Inspector Insurance in Texas?

Texas home inspector insurance requirements are $100,000 of liability and E&O coverage. ATI/OREP's home inspector insurance is the best in Texas, period. We cover you on E&O insurance, general liability insurance, and even health & dental. Home inspector insurance keeps you safe, makes you money and keeps things that way.

Learn more about why you should get home inspector insurance in Texas.

How do you Start a Home Inspection Business in Texas?

Prepare yourself for the competitive market. Arm yourself with the training, insurance, tool kits and expertise to deliver a BETTER customer experience than your competitors. Register your business, open up a business bank account and start making a ton of money.

Find out how to start a home inspection business.

You don't need to write a big check - all you need is to be 18 or older and have verifiable income to apply for financing. Contact us and we'll fill you in on your options.

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Be Qualified. Not Just Certified®

The home inspector market in Texas is competitive and meeting the bare minimum is not enough to be successful. A home inspection certification gets your foot in the door. Your skills and tenacity carry you the rest of the way. ATI offers online and live courses to prepare you for the field and help you become your own boss.

Take an interactive home inspection training course to master your craft.

ATI offers everything that you need to prepare to pass the National Home Inspector Examination, which can be a major hurdle if you're not prepared.

Check-in with us for availability for upcoming live classes in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or other major locations around Texas.

Looking for more details? Contact us for more info regarding becoming a real estate inspector in the state of Texas.

How Much Do Home Inspector Training School Cost in Texas?

Most franchise investments push $50,000 for an initial investment. However, we can get you started for less than $2,000. Considering home inspectors in Texas average over $80,000 per year, the return on investment is too significant to ignore. Hone your skills, dedicate yourself and your education will be paid off many times over.

Topics Covered in ATI's Online & LIVE Home Inspector Classes

  • Roofing structure and integrity
  • Modern and historic construction materials
  • Proper electrical design
  • Property and structural defects
  • Legal and ethical obligations for home inspectors
  • HVAC systems

Why Choose a Career in Home Inspection?

Is it really a good time to become a home inspector? Aren’t there a ton already?

The market for home inspecting is NOT saturated. Barriers to entry are low. Don’t get scared off by regulations or liability. The increased popularity of working from home is sending new homeowners all around the country, making this the perfect time to start your career in home inspection.

The need for qualified home inspectors is on the rise. This is your opportunity to build a lucrative career.

The Benefits of Becoming Your Own Boss

Sick of pencil pushers setting your agenda and deciding what you can and can’t do? Work for yourself!

Want to work primarily in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Austin, El Paso, or Fort Worth? No problem. You work where you want when you want. Set your own schedule and control your own income—and don’t look back.

Agents and homeowners beg for the best. With training from the All-American Training Institute, that’s you.

Be qualified—not just certified. Contact us to find out more about our home inspector training program.

Interested in becoming a public adjuster in Texas? Learn more about our course offerings and get certified!

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