Radon and Mold Certification Courses

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C-24-101: Radon & Rn Decay Product Measurement – 24 CE – NRPP 45A - $299  

Get trained for radon testing to be qualified, not just certified™.

This is an Entry Level course which includes training required for becoming certified in radon measurement.  This popular online course was recently updated to include video of a classroom session.  It still includes many extras including business resources and online quiz questions designed to help you prepare for the national certification exam.  Students also have access to the audio version of the course.

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C-24-102: Radon Mitigation Technology – 24 CE – NRPP 59A - $299                       

This is an Entry level course to become certified in Radon Mitigation in the United States. The instruction is audio based, with online course manual, resources and quizzes to reinforce the material. It also includes a field mentoring program tailored to your experience level.


cert require 200 x 132Certification Exams - NRPP National Certification Exams are offered through PSI Lasergrade, which is a nationwide computer based testing facility.  Once you complete the entry level course(s) you are eligible to take the exam.  You schedule the exam by contacting them directly - 800-211-2754.  This is also the contact number to find the closest facility to you.  Instructions for scheduling the exam are included in the course instructions.


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Our course gives you the competitive edge by giving you industry leading education. Don’t let extra revenue go into someone else’s pocket. 

Again, with ATI you become QUALIFIED not just CERTIFIED™!!

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