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How to Become a Home Inspector in 5 Easy Steps

Home Inspectors are In Demand, and You Can Become One Fast

Three hours of test prep and a quick exam won’t truly prepare you for becoming your own boss. You need to understand how to get clients with targeted marketing and a solid business plan to maximize your income. A career as an independent, self-employed home inspector offers incredible flexibility and the opportunity to take charge of your present and future.

Being a home inspector means great pay, flexible hours and—most importantly—job security. With every house bought and sold, home inspectors stay in demand, setting you up for life. The process of becoming a home inspector may seem complicated (it’s not). We’re here to guide you through it. 

  1. Research Home Inspector license requirements in your state Take a look at your state's specific licensing requirements.
  2. Take a pre-licensing home inspection training class with ATI Home Inspector Training Make sure to check if you qualify for our exclusive military and first responder discounts.
  3. Get licensed & start marketing to clients ATI provides a full marketing package including client hand-outs, business cards, reporting software and more to set you apart from the competition in all 50 states.
  4. Get liability/E&O insurance through ATI’s partnership with the Organization of Real Estate Professionals (OREP) Our partnership with OREP provides new home inspectors with insurance to keep you licensed and save you thousands of dollars.
  5. Start Inspecting! Get hired by a home inspection company - or start your own business You're ready to go. Start your new career and earn an average of nearly $80K a year.

Why become a Home Inspector?

Home inspectors run their own businesses, set their own hours and make nearly up to $100K/per year on average. You can get certified and start inspecting homes in just weeks. ATI Training’s home inspection courses stand head-and-shoulders above the cookie-cutter online diploma mill courses because we teach you how to inspect homes, build a successful home inspection business and get clients so you can dominate your local market.  When you take our home inspection courses, you have access to lifetime instructor support so you can reach out to experienced home inspectors with questions even while you’re in the field. With ATI Training, you’ll be qualified, not just certified®. 

How long does it take to become a home inspector? 

With ATI Training’s online or classroom home inspection courses, you can become a licensed home inspector in a few weeks or less. Most students finish our self-paced online inspection course in 2-3 weeks, and our live classroom home inspection course can be completed in typically 7-10 days and includes livestream education. It may take only just a little longer if your state requires field training. 

No Hidden Fees, Free Software AND Marketing Success Package. Start your career today!

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Learn More About Home Inspection in Your State

How to Become a Home Inspector In...

Why is the Home Inspection Certification process different from state to state? 

Home inspection certification requirements vary because they are determined by individual states. Some states require less than 100 hours of education, while others require nearly 400. Some states require you to pass the national home inspectors exam; other states have their own exam you’ll be required to pass as well. ATI Training offers state-specific solutions for ALL fifty states, along with mentorship from REAL home inspector pros tailored to YOUR specific questions, process and needs. 

How much does it cost to become a home inspector?

ATI Training offers two all-inclusive home inspection courses. Our self-paced online course costs $695, and our live classroom course ranges from $999 - $2,999. All classes come with zero hidden fees, meaning your textbooks, exam prep, home inspection software and more are all included in the flat rate with no surprises down the line.

What qualifications do I need to become a home inspector?

You need zero qualifications to enroll in one of ATI Training’s home inspection courses. If you have a background in property inspection or customer service, you’re ahead of the game. If you’re entering the process completely inexperienced, you are still 100% ready to start your journey to becoming a certified AND qualified home inspector.

How much money do home inspectors make?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, home inspectors make $78,900 per year on average. The average full-time, self-employed home inspector in the US makes over $90,000 per year.

Is there a demand for home inspectors?

Yes. Nearly 90% of all real estate transactions include a home inspection and several states require inspections to be conducted by a licensed home inspector. According to a report by IBISWorld, the home inspection industry in the United States is expected to generate a revenue of $5 billion in 2023. New licensed inspectors will be able to work full-time or part-time, working for themselves, an existing company.  At ATI we will help you get started if you decide to start your own business and be your own boss.  Our courses include marketing courses as part of your tuition. 

Can I be a part-time home inspector?

Yes, you can! Being a part-time home inspector will still make you a lot of money.  The average home inspection is $450-$500.  If you just perform 2 per week, you're making and extra $4,000 per month. You determine how many hours you want to work. You may want to start out part time as you gradually transition from a current full-time job. As your own boss, you dictate your schedule and perform as many or as few inspections as your time allows. If you choose to work for an established organization, you will find many of them are open to part-time, flexible hours.

How does a home inspector find clients?

A big benefit of becoming a home inspector is job security. New houses are being built and bought every day, and they all need to be inspected. But how can you find clients as an independent home inspector? The answer is ATI. Our marketing courses set us apart from our competitors and let YOU set yourself apart from yours. We train you in providing outstanding customer service and give you comprehensive insight into everything you need to kick off your operations and land clients successfully. We even provide a full marketing package to get your business off the ground. Our marketing package options include:

  • Reporting Software
  • Branded Website
  • Custom Logos
  • Business Card Design and printing
  • Marketing Webinars with Scott & Amy Newcomer
  • Client Hand-outs & Brochures
  • Lead Generation & Newsletters
  • One on one support from our Marketing Team
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