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How to Become a Disaster Inspector in 3 Easy Steps

Want to help others and get paid?  We have the solution.  Create additional revenue & become a Disaster Inspector today!


So you're probably thinking....What is a Disaster Inspector? A Disaster Inspector provides a written scope and report on a home and turns it into the Public Adjuster(PA).  You do not need an adjuster license and it's easy to get started!

How to Become a Disaster Inspector in 3 Easy Steps       


  • 1 - Take the ATI Disaster Inspector online Course - sign box up below.

    Education courses with technical training and standard of practice guides will get you better prepared to be a disaster inspector.

  • 2 - Take and pass the ATI Course Exam.

    You are required to pass the ATI Disaster Inspector Exam which we can help prepare you for.

  • 3 - Obtain a business license if required and start accepting leads. 

    in some states, you may need to have a business license to officially conduct business. 


Again, with ATI TRAINING you become QUALIFIED not just CERTIFIED™!!

Contact our home inspector training school to learn more about disaster relief and becoming a public adjuster.



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