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Salary, Licensing Requirements & Employment Outlook: Everything You ACTUALLY Wanted to Know About a Career in Home Inspection

Why it’s Worth Getting Paid to Be Your Own Boss

Home Inspection Career BenefitsLearning to get clients and make more money are the building blocks you won’t get from a three-hour test-prep. After soaking in this and the other free content on our website be sure to check out testimonials from grads who changed their lives and incomes. The only difference between them and the ones who never got their business off the ground is they chose to be qualified – not just certified™.

1. What's In The Home Inspector's Job Description?

Help Realtors, Home Buyers Or Even FEMA Assess The Status of Residential Buildings

Home inspectors are the experts realtors and homeowners turn to when they're trying to sell a property. An inspector goes over the home top to bottom and gives a report on the property's function and safety. The three priorities of every inspector are to make sure the building is safe and up to code, lend credibility to the property seller and give the new buyers an idea of what will need to be done in terms of repairs and updates.

2. You’re In Charge

Be Your Own Boss. Better Yet: Become Someone Else's Boss

New entrepreneurs have a tendency to put the cart before the horse, getting business cards, a logo, and a few decal stickers to show the world “See, I’m legit!” Reality check: the only things standing between you and legitimacy are CLIENTS and INCOME. Your goal is to work on your terms – supporting yourself and family, when and where you want, all at a fair price.

Learn what you need to do to become a home inspector in your state.

What’s fair? More than you’re making right now. Entrepreneurship is about learning to get paid for the value you provide. Not just the time you put in. Becoming a home inspector means more than having a certification and a logo. It’s about getting leads and mastering a craft.

And protecting what you’ve earned - you’ll learn more about minimizing liability later.

3. How Much Do Home Inspectors Make Annually?

Full-Time Home Inspectors Make a Killing, Part-Time Pays Off Too

It’s okay to love your job and admit you wouldn’t do it for free. The average home inspector salary is 58K annually, and the future looks bright. 77% of existing home sales include a home inspection. That’s over 3 out of 4 MILLION of those that happen every year in the US. Not including new construction. 

Those are all potential clients depending on people like you to provide value. And they’re ready to pay you for it.

Even a part-time home inspector can make bank. The average home inspection will bring in about $450, which means your earning potential is only limited by how hard you want to work and how many inspections you can fit into your schedule.

4. The Physical Requirements For A Career In Home Inspection

Hate Punishing Your Body? Hate Desks More? Find A Happy Medium

Electrical panel home inspection

Most people earning a great living as a home inspector migrated careers after years of trading too much physical effort for money. They spent long days grinding on their feet, their knees and their backs. Maybe they had a rotator cuff surgery. Maybe they never got around to seeing the doctor about their chronically bad    fill-in-the-blank   .

Home inspectors aren’t sitting around getting lumpy in a cubicle, but on the spectrum of physical demands, it's much less demanding than physical labor.  

5. What's the First Step To Getting Your License?

The First Thing You Should Do Is Sign Up For A Home Inspector Training Class Today.

Passing the exams is the smallest part of the battle (that you will crush - we will help you!). Exam pre-prep is a requirement checkbox you can get at a diploma mill. ATI home inspector training courses are field training and business boot camp, led by instructors with multiple years of experience who built multi-inspector businesses. You won’t get better field-and-office mentorship and career advice anywhere. Courses come with lifetime AAAHI membership - (AAA Home Inspector Association) and instructor support.

You CAN change your life and we can help you!

6. ATI Home Inspection Reviews

Look Before You Leap - See What Other People Are Saying About Beginning a Career With ATI Training

Hey, we get it. Home inspection is a great career, and it could sound too good to be true. Luckily you don't have to take our word for out. We've trained hundreds of new inspectors and garnered a large selection of reviews from satisfied customers who began their home inspection careers with us. 

There Is No Substitute For Hands-On Field Training.  Contact Us Now!
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