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Washington DC Home Inspector Training School

How to Become a Home Inspector in Washington, D.C. in 5 Easy Steps

  • Enroll in an Online Home Inspector Training Course

    Realtors and home buyers will prefer to work with a certified home inspector. Make yourself stand out and earn a home inspector certification. ATI’s prep courses provide the know-how to earn business and build your wealth as a home inspector.

  • Complete the National Home Inspector Exam (Recommended)

    Following your training course with ATI, pass the 200-question National Home Inspector Examination. Preparation is key, and we’ve got your back. Take the ATI practice examination. This is your future. Don’t leave it up to chance.

  • Obtain Insurance

    Once the NHIE is passed, you’ll obtain the proper insurance to keep yourself and your business protected. Coursework through ATI prepares you with the background to choose errors and omissions (E&O) insurance and general liability insurance.

  • Get the Right Software

    With ATI’s training courses, get a free year of the Horizon program from Caron Dunlop (an $800 value). The sleek application makes your life easier by providing reports directly to your customers.

  • Earn Clients

    The money is there: with an average salary of $78,900, Washington, D.C. home inspectors are poised to earn real money. You’ll be more than prepared for the task – ATI’s instructors are the best at what they do. It’s their mission to elevate you above the rest.

Contact an admissions specialist for assistance – or call!

Washington D.C. realtors & clients prefer a certified, qualified home inspector:

Self-Paced Online Training Course


Software, Lifetime Instructor Support and NO Hidden Fees. Get Started Immediately with ATI Online Inspection Training School.  

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Looking for online home inspection training course you can do at your own pace? You've found it with ATI Home Inspector Training.  Our course will prepare you to pass the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) which is included in the ATI MASTER ONLINE home inspection training course

  • Extensive technical training from the roof to the foundation
  • Marketing and operational courses
  • E-text books with online exercises
  • Inspection videos, quizzes and more
  • Includes 6 months of HomeGauge home inspection software ($400 value)
  • Step-by-step home inspection starter package!  
  • Certificate of Completion to turn into your State

FULLY updated for 2024

  • Exam PASS Guarantee**
  • Free Software Included!
  • Includes Textbooks
  • Includes NHIE Test PrepEye for Tool Tip
  • Thousands of Practice questions
  • Inspection Video Library
  • Free Marketing CoursesEye for Tool Tip
  • Instructor SupportEye for Tool Tip
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Mold, Radon AND Drone
  • Association SupportEye for Tool Tip 


State Board Approved for: AL, AZ, CT, IL, IN, FL, GA, LA, MT, NC, ND, NH, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, VT, WI.  


All content fully updated for 2024.

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Over 25,000 anytime-online students trained
(50,000+ students by Scott & ATI)

Scott Newcomer +14 more instructors
Full Curriculum Overview 
100% Online

Start immediately & go at your own pace.

Anytime Schedule

Start and stop as needed without losing your progress.

Approx. 120 hours

Most of our students report completing this course in 2 weeks of less.  Some experienced students with more time available pound through the material in as little as a week.

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Washington DC Continuing Education Requirements for Home Inspectors
Hours Required None but highly recommended
Renewal Cycle Professional Development Recommended
License Agency None
Education Cycle None
Valid Class Types In-person, online, or livestream

A Job in Home Inspection is Perfect for Public Servants
We are GI Bill® Approved!

Best Part Time Job for Ex Police Officers in Texas Police officers

ATI Training offers serving and ex-police officers a special opportunity to earn an income post-retirement or as a part-time supplement to your current employment. It's a great private sector choice after a lifetime of serving the Texan public.

Part Time Jobs for Firefighters in TexasEMT & Firefighters

Becoming a home inspector is a tremendous way to make money after retiring from public service as an EMT or firefighter. With entry level requirements and tremendous flexibility in scheduling, it's a great opportunity.

Best Careers for Military Veteran Retirees Texas Military & Veterans

Become your own boss in the private sector after selflessly serving your country. We offer the BEST home inspector training for our country's heroes looking for a new career in Texas after returning to the workforce.

Students across the country agree:
our training helps you become the BEST.

Our rigorous training program gives you the tools to excel in your new career, run your own business and make a bunch of money. Just see what some of our students have to say.

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How much does a home inspector make in Washington DC?

On average, home inspectors in Washington DC earn $78,900 per year, which comes out to about $37.93 per hour. How much you earn depends on how much you work, which is ultimately tied to how good you are.

See how Washington DC compares to the national average home inspector salary.

How long does it take to become a home inspector in Washington DC?

With no licensing requirements and no state exam to pass, you can become a home inspector virtually immediately. However, if you don’t have extensive experience in the building industry it’s unlikely anyone will hire you. With training from ATI, you’ll have the credentials to show prospective clients you know what you’re doing.

Get more details on how long it will take to become a home inspector.

How to start a home inspection business in Washington DC

To get your own business up and running, you need training first and foremost. Beyond that, you need the tools to market yourself. ATI provides you with the resources you need to get started—and to keep going. From marketing materials to ongoing support, ATI is here to help you thrive.

Find out how to start a home inspection business.


You don't need to write a big check - all you need is to be 18 or older and have verifiable income to apply for financing. Contact us and we'll fill you in on your options.

Apply for Financing

A piece of paper that says you’re certified to be a home inspector doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not actually qualified to do the work. ATI Training isn’t quick or easy, but it’s the best way to actually learn the skills you need to be successful as a home inspector in Washington DC.

How to become a home inspector in Washington DC

A lot of people dream about running their own business and being their own boss. It’s not as impossible a feat as you might think. Not with ATI Training. Here are your first steps:

    1. Understand the Work and Evaluate your Skills

      You’ll need to know something about home construction and the systems in a home (plumbing, heating, etc.) You also need some basic people skills, since you’ll be interacting with home buyers and sellers. Our training will get you up to speed quickly. Are you up for the challenge?

    2. Learn your State’s Licensing requirements

      Washington DC is one of the few states with no licensing requirements. This doesn’t mean anyone can just hang out a shingle as a home inspector. You have to actually know what you’re doing. That’s where ATI Training comes in.

    3. Get Trained

      Washington DC doesn’t require home inspectors to have any particular training, but anyone looking to make a career of this has to actually know what they’re doing. ATI offers the in-depth training you need to not only be competent home inspector, but an exceptional one.

Washington DC home inspector licensing requirements

Colorado doesn’t require home inspectors to have a license, or even a certificate of having completed a training program. If you’re just starting out, though, a certificate of completion from ATI goes a long way toward reassuring prospective clients that you know what you’re doing.

Be Qualified. Not Just Certified™.

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