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1 (855) 735-2021

Nick Shirley

Wisconsin Senior Instructor


(855) 735-2021

Nick is a professional field trainer and professional home inspector for the State of Wisconsin.  Nick's focus in the classroom is teaching the Wisconsin Standards of Practice and giving the students the instruction and tools they need to properly apply the SOP to line up with the new defect definition in the administrative rules. With Nick, you can rest assured that you will receive the best hands-on, field training available. Nick is also report writing and software consultant for ATI and will help new graduates implement ATI's software program and answer any questions that they may have. 

Nick is also a managing partner in House to Home Inspections, a multi inspection firm in Wisconsin. Nick has been married to Elaine since 2009 and they have 4 beautiful children and live in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  When Nick is not doing reports at local coffee shops, he can be found coaching his children's sports teams and attending Brewer games with his family. 

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