Home Inspector Tools and Toolkits

All the tools you need to get started as a public adjuster or home inspector.

Deluxe Tool Kit

Flashlight - Streamlight Strion LED HPL 615 lumen with AC/DC charging cords and 1 charging bracket

  • Home inspectors need a reliable flashlight to perform under adverse conditions. Strong, durable flashlights like the Streamlight Strion are great for accessing dark areas where a strong reflection can make taking usable photos difficult.

Moisture Meter and Hygrometer - General Tools pin and non-invasive moisture meter as well as air temperature and humidity

  • Moisture meters come in two different types known as search and measure. Home inspectors us the meter in search mode to find high moisture levels hidden behind an array of materials like tile and vinyl or plumbing leaks under shower and bathroom floors. Measure mode uses the two pins to accurately measure moisture levels.
  • A hygrometer can measure the humidity level in your house and confirm whether the house has too much or too little humidity.  Once you are aware of the issue, you can decide whether any action is required and, if so, what action.

Carbon Monoxide Detector - General Tools carbon monoxide detector

  • A carbon monoxide detector is an important tool for any home inspector for determining an area is safe. CO2 can be produced by combustion appliances like water heaters, boilers and furnaces. Dangerous levels can be produced when appliances are faltering and need service. CO2 detectors give results in parts per million (PPM).

Combustible Gas Detector - Extech Combustible Gas Detector

  • Combustible gas detectors trace small amounts of combustible gases. While common gases such as natural gas and propane can be picked up using your nose, other dangerous gases can be odorless and easily overlooked. 

AC Clamp Meter - Extech 200 amp AC mini clamp meter, non contact voltage detector and flashlight

Microwave Tester - Micro Check microwave leak detector

Infrared Thermometer - General Tools 8:1 infrared thermometer

  • Infrared thermometers read the temperature of whatever you point it at using the infrared beam. It’s used to check heating and cooling equipment, registers and electrical equipment like circuit breakers.

Non Contact Voltage Detector - Santronics non contact voltage detector with audible alarm and light alarm.

  • A voltage detector is used to determine if voltage is present in wiring or a device.

GFCI Tester - General Tools GFCI Tester

  • GCFI Testers check that both arc-fault and ground-fault circuit interrupter devices are working.

Line Voltage Tester - General Tools line voltage tester

Inspection Mirror - General Tools 2-1/4 inch round inspection mirror

6 in 1 Screwdriver - Morris Products 6 in 1 Screwdriver

Tool Carrier - CLC 21 pocket tool carrier

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