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Business Cards & Brochures


Every successful company needs printed marketing materials as part of their marketing plan. ATI has highly effective Branded business cards, brochures & more to make marketing your home inspection business a breeze!  Our home inspection experts along with our professional graphic designers will help YOUR marketing materials stand out against the competition!  





Your Website Will Include:

  • Services
  • Refer a friend
  • Newsletters
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Social wall
  • Contact us
  • Reviews
  • Live Chat
  • Schedule system integration

While you’re busy inspecting homes and businesses, we’ll use the latest digital marketing tools to increase your repeat and referral business. With our automated process, we will collect and post reviews, grow your referral network and share unique monthly newsletters and social media posts with your clients to keep your name in front of them. Don’t spend time worrying about marketing. Do what you do best and so will we.

Email Newsletter Marketing Services

Since the boom of social media and digital marketing, a number of approaches have emerged that claim to offer the best return. Pay-per-click advertisement offers a huge volume of traffic – but at a high cost. SEO is a fundamental to organic search ranking – but this is not as important a measure for small companies and personal brands because the costs are also high.

We will provide you with 2 branded newsletters per month - one focused on agents, another focused on clients. These newsletters are written as a digestible take on the ins and outs of your industry and are designed to help you stay in touch with past clients and agents. Why use email marketing for home inspection businesses?

  • Targeted - Email marketing
  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Share, Share, Share
  • Measure What Counts
  • Best ROI

Social Media Marketing Services for Inspection Businesses

Social media marketing is probably the most important extension of your brand. The fact is, if you are not active on social media it gives the impression that your business is not doing well. Our social media marketing product features engaging social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business with professional content customized to your brand.

The Review App

Client reviews are great, but we don’t stop there. Our new Review Us 360 App is much more than just another review app. We take it a step further by converting that client you’re requesting a review from into a life-long referral source by adding them to your newsletter list.

We Make it Simple

The new Start Referrals app is a quick and easy way to request client feedback by text, email or both right from your phone. You can request client reviews any time from anywhere. The marketing software directs your clients to the best review sites (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Home advisor, BBB) and encourages them to leave a quick review.

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