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How to Get Certified as a Home Inspector

There’s more to becoming a home inspector than getting certified.

If you’re looking into becoming a home inspector, you’ve no doubt come across plenty of online training programs. Many of these programs lure prospective students in with the promise of a quickie course and a certificate of completion. If they’re lucky, these courses give them enough information to pass the exam(s) required by their state for licensing. 

Trouble is, there’s a heck of a lot more to becoming a home inspector than getting a passing score on an exam. You also need to be QUALIFIED—and that’s where our approach to training makes all the difference. Some courses give you the bare minimum knowledge required to pass an exam. We give you the knowledge to not only pass an exam, but to also make a bunch of money as a home inspector. 

Be Qualified. Not Just Certified™.

If you’re looking into what it takes to become a home inspector, you’ve no doubt found the requirements vary by state. California, for instance, has no requirements for becoming a home inspector, but most states require classroom and/or online instruction and a passing score on either a state licensing exam or the NHIE (National Home Inspector Examination).

Making money takes a lot more than passing an exam.

Despite the confusion of different requirements in different states, one thing is clear: it takes more than a certificate from an online diploma mill and a passing score on an exam to run a successful business. That’s where the All-American Training Institute (ATI) comes in. We tailor our program to each state’s requirements with a combination of online, classroom and field training, as well as exam prep.

Just being certified to do home inspections doesn’t cut it in the real world. We provide the in-depth knowledge that will set you apart from the competition and earn you repeat business from realtors, as well as referrals from satisfied customers. Our commitment to your success doesn’t stop with the training program, either. We also set you up with the marketing tools, business management materials, and support network you need to thrive as an independent home inspector. 

Even after you graduate from the program, our instructors are available to help you out when you need it. You can text pictures to them from job sites and get advice from people who’ve seen it all before. Bottom line: no other training program does as much to help you make it as a home inspector.

6 Ways ATI home inspection training prepares you for success

  • Hands-on field training (at least 5 inspections on houses)
  • Classroom training from some of the most experienced & trusted home inspectors in the industry (with hot water heaters, boilers, HVAC systems and other props)
  • Online instruction and course materials you can complete at your own pace (includes NHIE test prep)
  • Continuing education classes (tailored to the requirements of your state)
  • Association support
  • Business management and marketing tools to help your business thrive (website, reporting software, logos, business cards, client hand-outs, lead generation)

Your future starts here

If you’re ready to quit working for the man, or looking for a way to supplement your income, becoming a home inspector is one of the best options out there. Not only is the cost to get started reasonable, but the earnings opportunity is incredible—and your tuition cost is usually recouped after your first couple of home inspections. 

Like everyone else looking into how to become a home inspector, you probably have questions. Lots of questions. If you haven’t been able to get the answers you need from our website, feel free to email us or call us at (855) 735-2021.

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