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Home Inspector Etiquette in a COVID World

While it seems everything is affected in some way by the pandemic of 2020, one thing that remains constant is the quality expected and delivered by home inspectors as they provide a critical piece in the home buying and selling experience.

So what is the best practice for protocol when the service requires in person inspections? The key to answering that question lies with the comfort level of the buyer AND seller. Opinions, beliefs, fear, and nonchalance run the gamut in society as they do in the buyer and seller market. What one person may be perfectly comfortable with, another may be quite anxious about. Conversely, precautious measures may insult someone. This is a sticky wicket for service industry professionals who are required to make house calls.

The best answer is tried and true, honesty! Sure it’s easy to say that, but a few prescriptive measures can take the guesswork out of the equation.

Communication is key. Simply asking both parties their comfort level can be done in a very matter of fact way. “Before the inspection I’d just like to ask your preferences for my visit considering covid.” In some cases, asking them to leave a note on the door may even further reduce any discomfort.

No one disagrees that life is trickier now in nearly every aspect than it was pre covid-19, but people are still buying and selling homes, and the professionals of our industry remain integral to that process.


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