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Cost and Benefits of Home Inspector Training

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Home Inspector?

The real reason you’re here. You have a limited amount of money and time to invest in your best future. You want to know what a home inspection program is beyond a test-prep booklet.

Your training starts at under $1,000. Depending on your individual approach to live and online courses, the final number will vary.

Here's what you REALLY need to know about a career as a home inspector:

How to Become a Home InspectorHow Long it Takes to Become a Home InspectorHow Much a Home Inspector Makes

ATI vs. Packet-Peddling Diploma Mills

Unlike other home inspector training programs, ATI provides:

ATI Training Program Benefits

Live Home Inspection Course Field Training


There is NO SUBSTITUTE for hands-on field training

Online Home Inspection Training Courses

24/7 access

Around-the-clock access to online training courses & resources


Get discounts on marketing materials, tools & continuing education

Home Inspection Software


Included with every classroom and online course.

No other career training course in home inspection or any other industry is as committed to helping you start and grow your business.

ATI is business boot camp and life-skill development lead by the NAVY Seals of the home inspection. Each instructor has multiple years of experience AND a inspector firms of their own to go with a commitment to furthering the careers of new home inspectors. With lifetime association membership for alumni, it’s mentorship and a support network you won’t get from a tech school or online diploma mill.

For tuition information, visit our contact page to talk to a home inspector training instructor about your best next step.

Home Inspector Training Courses Cost

Home Inspection vs. Everything Else

The cost to get started in the home inspection industry isn’t as expensive as you might expect. For a minimum deposit you can get all the equipment and tools you need to perform home inspections. To put it in perspective, many new business ventures require an investment of $50,000 or more.   

How Much Money Do Home Inspectors Make?

The average home inspector salary is approximately $57,000 a year. This varies by area and state, of course. How much you make is up to you. Learning how to make it could not be more important.

Once you’re working for yourself, you can choose your own hours and earn as much as you want by scheduling more or fewer jobs every month. To get you there, ATI Home Inspector Training will teach you to be a better home inspector and a business person.

Home Inspector Training Financing Options and Discounts

Apply for a loan to make the price of our program even more affordable. We also offer home inspector training tuition discounts for:

  • Police
  • Firefighters and EMTs
  • Military veterans


Other home inspector training programs get you CERTIFIED, not QUALIFIED. Lifetime association support for alumni means your mentorship, training and assistance doesn’t end the second your credit card is processed. Our instructors continue to provide support after you graduate from the program. You can text pictures to your instructors from job sites and get help from the people who’ve seen it all before.

Contact the best home inspector training program to learn more or get started.

There Is No Substitute For Hands-On Field Training. Contact Us Now!
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