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ATI Training offers public adjusting/disaster relief and home inspection courses around the country. Committing to a full in-person course is the best path to become a better home inspector AND BUSINESS PERSON.

Be Qualified. Not Just Certified™.

Every day people looking to start and run their own business make the commitment to improving their lives by acquiring the necessary skills to succeed. Passing the exams and checking the requirement boxes are only part of the battle.  ATI courses are field training and business boot camp, led by instructors who have 25 years of experience AND have built their own businesses. You will not find more qualified instructors mentors anywhere.

 With ATI you will be field-and-office ready to begin a successful practice. Courses come with lifetime AAAHI  (membership and instructor support).

Online courses are not valid for pre-licensing training requirements in these states: AR, IL*, IN*, KY, MD, NY, NJ, NV, NC*,  VA* , WA & WV.   You may enroll in an online boot camp course to increase your knowledge and better prepare for the National Home Inspector Examination.   
* Distance learning allowed if paired with practical training. 

Colorado Public Adjusting Training - Denver Metro Area  - September 11th - September 15th, 2017

So you're probably thinking....What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed and trained specialist that adjusts insurance claims for homeowners, commercial property owners and businesses. Public adjusters are insurance adjusters who work solely for the policyholder and not the insurance company on a particular claim.

In Short....A Homeowner's Advocate in the time of a disaster.  Yes, major disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, but also hail storms, house fires, tornadoes and flooding..

Our unique and one of kind, three-part program consists of:

  1. a six month subscription to online training/exam simulation,
  2. a five day on-demand webinar and 
  3. a field training boot camp. SIX-MONTH COURSE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDES:
  • 24/7 access (via username/password) to the Virtual Classroom (Power Point style presentation with audio). This presentation further explains the concepts presented in the book with examples.
  • State Specific Public Adjuster Textbook/Law Digest that is “tailor-made” to your state exam content outline. Textbook contains the state exam scheduling and licensing information.
  • 24/7 access (via username/password) to the Exam Simulator. Each student receives multiple completed multi-question exams that are randomly generated from our database of over thousands of questions, including STATE SPECIFIC Public Adjuster questions. Scoring 85% or better on our practice exams consistently (at least 4 times) will give students a 98% chance of passing the state licensing exam.

With our Unique and One of Kind of Program, you will learn how to actually BE a Public Adjuster!....Not just someone who knows how to pass a test.

Again, with ATI you become QUALIFIED not just CERTIFIED™!!

A 3 Day Course Will not Prepare you for the field. Contact Us Now!
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