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ATI Training offers public adjusting/disaster relief and home inspection courses around the country. Committing to a full in-person course is the best path to become a better home inspector AND BUSINESS PERSON.

Be Qualified. Not Just Certified™.

Every day people looking to start and run their own business make the commitment to improving their lives by acquiring the necessary skills to succeed. Passing the exams and checking the requirement boxes are only part of the battle.  ATI courses are field training and business boot camp, led by instructors who have 25 years of experience AND have built their own businesses. You will not find more qualified instructors mentors anywhere.

With ATI you will be field-and-office ready to begin a successful practice. Courses come with lifetime AAAHI  (membership and instructor support).


Professional Home Inspector Training Program (394 Hours) - $2599.00This Professional Inspector Education Course meets all the requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to become a Professional Inspector without the need for Sponsorship. This course includes: 1 - 330 hours of correspondence education (90 hour course, 40 hour course & 200 hour course) 2 - 24 hours of Classroom 3 - 40 hours of field training.


Home Inspection Training 330 Hour Training Program - $1599.00The 330-Hour Program is for students who already have related work experience. This program consists of 330-hours of core inspector education via correspondence (home study). Included in this program: 90-Hour Home Inspector Course 40-Hour Home Inspector Course 200-Hour Home Inspector Course *Does NOT include required field experience for Professional License*


Home Inspection Training - 90 Hour Core Course - $699.00This 90 hour course is designed for the student who will utilize the Texas Real Estate Commissions 3-Tier process to become a Licensed Home Inspector. As an Apprentice Inspector you can either work directly for a real Estate Inspector or a Professional Inspector. You will not be able to conduct any inspections nor sign off on an inspection report. The 90-Hour course will provide you with the required education to obtain this license. **This not include the Experience Training module*


8 day Classroom + Field Training - (24 hour class + 40 Ride along) - $1499.00 This course can be taken by anyone wanting to learn the practical aspects of home inspection or may be taken to satisfy the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) 24 hour Classroom for Professional Inspector Education and 40 hours of field training Experience requirements. This course focuses on methodology and inspection techniques that when followed can allow the student inspector to be prepared to begin an inspection career with all of the practical tools required. This course involves classroom / lab work in order to understand the practical fundamentals of home inspection. Actual houses are inspected and training in report writing is provided. The fundamentals of home inspection and report writing are required for successful completion of this course. At the end of this course, along with successful passing of the TREC examination, the student will be ready to begin a successful career in home inspection. **This course is Classroom and Field Training ONLY** If you need any of the textbook courses, please select from the 330 hour/130 hour/ 90 hours programs.


Home Inspection Training Education 200 Hour Training Program - $999.00This Advanced Professional Inspector Education Course includes the 200 hour Home Inspector Training Course Material (online/correspondence) necessary to meet all the requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to become a Professional Inspector without the need for Sponsorship.


Mentoring ProgramFollow an experienced professional home inspector on a live fee paid inspection.



All Texas Home Inspection classes are presented in partnership with RETS Home Inspector Training.  For more Information on Home Inspector Training in Texas, call RETS at 817-861-9998 today!

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